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4 days already. 4 days that my Instagram account got hacked. 5000 pictures stolen in minutes. Moments, beautiful moments of life turned “private” and soon may be deleted. My heart is crying. I can’t find sleep. I am angry because I feel the injustice. Why? Why evil exists… And still no answer from Instagram…

Confetti love

But life must go on…. When you can’t change things, you try to continue with what you have. I have my family, my online friends (even though I lost them for now and I must search for them one by one and contact them. It is not easy to contact 105000 persons, 105000 friends that were a part of my life so far and that I lost in minutes), my crochet, my sewing machine, my colors, my home. And I feel blessed. And thankful. Despite everything.

Little friends

I am working now on finishing my Confetti blanket. I was going to launch it as a CREATE box this week along with a free video of the pattern. The video is ready. I will wait a little before launching it. I still have a couple of rows to do and the edging. And the blanket will be ready. It is beautiful. And I love every stitch of it.

my Charly

I did also some watercolor this weekend. Strange how watercoloring calms me. I was so nervous and stressed I couldn’t hold my hook or sew. But I could do some painting and it calmed me down. I love painting flowers. Colorful flowers.

wild flowers

And I have 9 new project bags almost ready. They are beautiful. All of them. I can’t wait to show them to you!

That’s all for today! Enjoy your week!



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Hello lovely people around the globe!

I’m so happy to be with you today and to show you finally my love@first sight blanket 🙂

Do you remember its first post? I was completely in love then … and after I’ve got a little bit distracted…making other projects…and I left it behind…and then when I was hit by the-finish-all-my-wips fever I decided it was time to tadaaaaa it 🙂

There it is….

I could not resist offering it to a dear friend of mine who do not crochet and who fall madly in love like myself….Even if it is sometimes very hard to give away a piece that you enjoyed so much crocheting I always think: I can make another for myself… one day… 🙂

It is now in a beautiful home very very much loved…

Yarn: Nako Vizon (100% acrylic)

Crochet hook: 4mm

Pattern: Here

Hope you’ve fallen in love too 😉

Before I go today I want to give a special thank you to Louise and Wink for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award! It is always a pleasure receiving this kind of gift … Louise and Wink have lovely blogs you must visit! Thanks to both of you! It is the third time I receive this special award… You can read more about it here!

and Thank to all of you for all the sweet comments you left on my Summer Time ripple post 🙂 I love reading your words and I apologize for not being always able to reply to each and every one ….

Have a lovely day!


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Hello hello hello!

I’ve been very very busy these past weeks crocheting and crocheting and crocheting…trying out to finish all my wips and I did it! I finished my daughter Christina’s ripple(Summer time), my love @ first sight blanket , and some how my vintage blanket 🙂


All ready to be shared with you my lovelies 🙂 I am sooooo thrilled to show you all these beauties 🙂

So today let’s start with the ripple … Are you READYYYYYYYYY?

Dim: 135x90cm

Yarn: Nako Vizon 100% acrylic

Hook: 4.5mm

Pattern: Here

Christina: Totally dazzled… She’s dancing, singing, laughing, jumping wrapped with it 🙂

Me: Happy Happy Happy 🙂

Sending you hugs and kisses…


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Ripples of happiness 🙂

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This post is about the Kaleidoscope border…a simple border to go with the ZiG ZaG joining…

A ZiG ZaGy kind of edging 😉 … Here is the graphic chart…( I make the graphics with a software called Corel Draw)

Hope this was clear 🙂

Thank you so much for visiting today!

and thank you for all these lovely messages …I appreciate with all my heart every word you’re leaving here 😀

Have a very nice Sunday eve!


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Well well well, it was such a pleasure reading all your sweet messages on my Kaleidoscope blanket! Thank you thank you ThAnK YoU 🙂

This is as promised, the ZIG ZaG Joining method…

Hope that my explanations will be as clear as possible for you to understand… I apologize for those of you who do not understand graphic patterns…this is my only way to explain crochet 😦 sorryyyyyyyyy 😦

So, let’s have a try, shall we?

To begin this is the graphic pattern of the small square:

and then lets take a look to the ZiG ZaG joining graphic:

The red graphic is for the joining …You have every time to make a double crochet in your first square, 2 chain and another double crochet in the second square in EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE YOU DID THE FIRST ONE IN YOUR FIRST SQUARE !

Once this simple thing is clear all will become very easy to follow… Always always make a dc in the first square, 2 chain followed by another dc in the second square in exactly the same place…

I suggest for you, as a trial,  to begin joining 9 squares to make a small blanket of 3×3 squares as in this pic:

You have always to work as follow : Join all the squares of your blanket horizontally (A then B) and after you’ve made all your horizontal joining, you join all your squares vertically (C then D)

This method (joining horizontally everything then vertically) will make the joining very fast…I took some pics to make it clearer for you…

Pic 1: Arrange the colors of your squares as you want them to be in your blanket … I made here 3 rows of 10 squares each (because I have a total of 30 colors )

Pic2: Begin the horizontal joining of row1 with row 2 and then row2 with row3…etc

Pic3: Continue joining row by row horizontally…until all rows are joined horizontally like in Pic4 below

Pic4: After all the rows are joined together horizontally, begin the vertical joining (here in this pic above, one vertical joining is done)

Pic5: All the rows have been joined horizontally and vertically…time to begin the edging 🙂 (which will be explained in my next post 😉 )

Hope it was easy to understand…when you just read this post you’ll feel a little bit confused maybe, the best thing to do is to take a hook and some yarn, make 9 small squares and try joining them …

Thank you for visiting today!

Sending you lots of love through this post 🙂


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Goooooooooooood moooooorning !

Kaleidoscope is done….after all the joining and the edging stuff I am proud to show it to you in all its glory 😀

Enjoy …

160 little colorful squares joined with a very easy and beautiful method don’t you think? and it is a very very very fast method….pfffffff…so fast I joined all the squares in two days 🙂

If you’re interested I’ll be very happy to explain it step by step with a graphic 😉

and make also a graphic pattern for the two edging rounds …

The blanket measures 130x85cm…It is crocheted with Nako Vizon a 100% acrylic yarn with a 4.5mm crochet hook…

Sarah, my daughter, is in love…. She slept with it yesterday even if it is 36 Celsius degree here (still in a very very hot summer days)

Hope you liked it too 😉

Have a colorful day!


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Good morning!

Hope you’re having a good time today…

I, myself, am enjoying a lot a lot “the making of ” Sarah’s blanket …

Crocheting small squares and throwing them here:

This is the kind of project I love to make…

without any thinking and any planification…

just using all (most of all) colors of my stash of Nako yarn: 30 colors 🙂

I’ve made so far 150 little squares (here on these pics you can only see 120 )…still have to do 10 more… and I’ll reach the total of 160 😀

and then I can begin the lovely job of joining :)….yaaayyyy I have a very very small idea here in my head about how to join these little squares…

but I’ll keep it secret because I don’t know yet the result …

So, my lovelies, my next Kaleidoscope post will be a tadaaaaaaaaaa one…because showing you the joining steps will take out all the surprise look of the finished blanket 🙂

But I promise that if the blanket turns out beautiful I’ll make a detailed pattern explaining this “how to join” special method step by step… 😉

Have to go now…

Thank you for visiting today 🙂

Have a lovely day!


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Hellooooo hellooooo hellooooooooooooooo! How are you?

Just a last small post before monday 15 ! A last post in my first year of blogging 🙂 to show you some progress I made in Christina’s ripple…Love it so far…

Hope you do too 🙂

Have to go now…

Do not forget: the Giveaway is still running until monday morning ! So hurry up if you did not left a comment yet! There is already 232 comments there … I am soooo thrilled 😀

Thank you soooo much for being here…

Sending you lots of love wherever you are 🙂


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WOW WOW WOW I am sooo thrilled by all the comments you are leaving on the “giveaway” post 🙂 149 so far 🙂 I wish I could make you all winners …

Today, some pics of my Kaleidoscope blanket’s progress…

72 little squares so far…

What I like about this blanket is that I can not predict how it will turn out…I’m just making squares…making squares and enjoying these small 2 rounds without any idea for the joining method 🙂

and when I crochet a small square and throw it in the bucket I feel like I just moved for 1mm a big mountain … What an accomplishment 😀 haha

If you’re interested in the small square pattern you can find it here (just crochet with one color only the first two rounds)

That’s all folks 😉

Have a wonderful day!


P.S: The giveaway is still running here until August 15 ! Good luck!

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