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Good morning sweeties,

How are you today? Here the sun is shining, birds singing and I am in a very happy mood πŸ˜€

I finished yesterday my scarf and I must admit it is a very easy process making and the result is wonderful…

Let’s have a peek, shall we?The scarf , as you see here, is long enough to wrap it two timesΒ  around my neck… It makes a 208cm long and 23cm large…I think it is the perfect dimensions for a neck warmer πŸ˜‰

I crocheted it using the leftovers of my Stylecraft special DK yarns I bought online from here

… with a 3mm crochet hook.

Now, I have to concentrate on my fairy tale blanket (the one and only project in my hands for the moment πŸ™‚ ) and try to finish it before beginning anything else (that’s what I always say and never do πŸ˜‰ )

Our “move” (to a new home) is in one week (on the 28th)…the count down has begin…I am feeling so excited and a little stressed about the coming weeks…cross your fingers that everything will go well…

And now I must leave you and go back to my fairy tale which I’ll show you the progress done so far next time πŸ™‚

Until then, I wish you a wonderful weekend wherever you are around the globe…




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Good morning sweeties,

Hope you’ve had a great new year’s eve !

This is my first 2011 post and I am so happy to begin it with a new crochet project πŸ™‚

I started this project two weeks ago… I wanted a blanket with no holes something with plain and warm colors to keep myself warm during this winter that just started in my country…

So I decided to make a ripple blanket with my new stash of yarns…do you remember this pic?

I am gonna use these yarns but without the soft colored ones…This is what I made so far:

I decided to crochet this blanket with no hurry, slowly, in the evenings in front of the TV…enjoying every stitch made πŸ™‚

and making other small crochet projects in the same time…

What do you think? Will it looks good?

I am making also some progress on my hexagonal blanket…and this one is looking great so far…

That’s all folks!

Thank you for being here and visiting “le monde de Sucrette” and a big THANK YOU for all your comments and wishes! I am so proud and happy to have you all as friends and I hope we will have a good crafty 2011 full of health and love!

Warm greetings,


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This week I’ve been doing this for a special order:

We call them “sous plats” in french but I can not find the right word in English…It is something you put under a hot dish (please tell me what it is in English I am very curious to learn :))

I love them πŸ™‚ Do you?

The back side is made with wicker (is it a right word?, I took it from the translator:S:S)

And, and, and…I bought some new yarn from a local shop….(naughty girl!!)

I just want to show you and you will understand why…

mmmmmmmmmmh, do you see the colors?

I am a crazy yarnoholic (is it a word??) :D:D I can not resist when I see new yarn with such beautiful, wonderful colors…I have sinned again…shame on me:)

It is a 100% acrylic yarn, a little bit thicker than the stylecraft special dk (4.5mm crochet hook) but very soft, machine washable and with such yummy colors I bet no one can resist πŸ™‚

and now the problem is: where will I put all this????? mmmmh, I guess under the bed :):) and from time to time, in the night, I’ll go down and check again and again if they are still there…

Have a beautiful colorful day!


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Hello my friend,

I just want to begin this post by thanking every single one of you for all these sweets comments you are leaving on my posts…It is making me really happy reading them:) Thank you again …You bring sunshine to my mornings!

This is the round granny cushion… (not so round i’m afraid…because my sewing skills are still very poor 😦 but I’m practicing and practice makes perfect, no? ;))

But I think it’s cute, don’t you?

Maybe I’ll put the pattern later … when I go back to my-normal-life πŸ™‚

And this is my yarns: 30 colors in total (40 new yarns and lot of left overs from previous projects)

I am gonna make a granny monster …yes yes a GRANNY MONSTER to test my crochet patience…

Something really big made with big granny squares: Every granny made with 14 rounds (every round crocheted with a different color:)Yes, I like to change constantly the colors, I am a little bit crazy;) )…

A total of 49 squares (7×7) to cover all our double sized bed…(I’ll show you something next time, I’ve already made 3 squares…and it is looking gorgeous…

So, I have to leave you now and wish you a fantastic week end… (Here we are still in summer and the weather is very hot…)

BIG BIG kisses,


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Good morning to you my friend,

Today is a big day! I finished my 3D Flower Blanket and I am very proud of the result! Christina my daughter loved it! She said that it is like a garden in her room and these sweet-5 years old-words make my heart very very happy πŸ™‚

Of course I’m gonna show you…yalla πŸ™‚

The blanket is made with 42 squares (6×7) and 7 different colors and every square is one of a kind as you can not find two identical squares…

It measures 115×100 cm and the size is ideal for a 5 years girl who wants to put it on her while watching TV during the cold winter nights…

The Yarn used is: Stylecraft special DK

The colors are: Aster 1003, Sherbet 1034, Fondant 1241, Meadow 1065, Lipstick 1246, Saffron 1081 and White

Ordered from this shop.

The crochet hook is a 4mm πŸ™‚

I’ve joined together the squares with a white line of dc.and I made another white line of dc before making the final border in red.

You can find the pattern of the square here.

This blanket was a pure pleasure to crochet…

…hope you like it !

Have a beautiful week!

Big big kisses!


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Good morning to you all,

I’ve been planning lately in my head a new blanket with 7 yummi colors…

and turning and turning and turning the whole idea with many patterns on my mind etc…

and I was not doing anything about it because I have many projects still working on…

But now, that the romance shawl is done, I still have to finish my country flowers blanket which is 65% done:

and my zigzagy blanket (granny stripes blanket)

which is 65% done also πŸ™‚

So, I promised myself to finish one of these two before I even think of beginning a new blanket which will be my “Childhood memories” blanket.

I know, I’m gonna finish the country flowers first, but I could not help myself trying 2 patterns with these beautiful colors.

Aren’t they lovely together?

The first pattern: It is a granny simple one with the 7 colors. The border will be with this red color I adore…and I’ll be mixing the colors differently in each square:

And this is the second pattern: Smaller flower squares. In each square I use 3 of the 7 colors and the white one. Here also the border will be in red.

I think I will make the final border for the whole blanket in white.

So, what do you think? which pattern do you prefer? the first one or the second?

I’m gonna think about it while I’m finishing my country flowers blanket which is becoming bigger and really really nice.

Have a lovely day!


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