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A quick follow up for the giant granny challenge 😉


1- Crochet and crochet and crochet a very big and colorful granny square… as big as you can 🙂

2- Share your pics on flickr so we can all crochet together as we were in the same room 🙂 I’ve just created a group on flickr where we can all share our pics even the ones that do not have a blog or website . This is the link to the group:


If you have something else in mind (another address or place to share our pics please do not hesitate to tell…

3- No deadlines! No certain nbr of rounds required! You are free to use the yarn that you like, the colors that you love and make it as big as you want 🙂

If you have already began one you can continue…It is after all just a fun experience and our goal is to share something we are all creating with the same classic pattern used ages ago by our grandmothers…a simple granny square 🙂

4- No stress, just fun! Remember that we are making this just to have some fun and create our own version and have many different blankets to be inspired by …

We have until now 37 participants…

You can find the list of the first 21 participants on my previous post …

22- Charlotte (Maybe) (I wish you a smooth delivery 🙂 )

23- Tabitha 1961 ron

24- nliedel

25- Rochelle

26- Tracy Marie Reed

27- Bri Butler

28- Abbie (No blog or web address)

29- Anne Marie

30- Lynne

31- Karen

32- Alejandra

33- Claudia

34- Totally Cooked (No blog or web address) (yes, of course you can 😉 )

35- Antara (No blog or web address)

36- Eileen

Please tell me if I forgot someone or if I made a wrong link 😉

36 until now 🙂 wooooow I am so happy 🙂 The more the merrier 🙂

If you still want to participate, do not hesitate, we are waiting for you!

Do not forget to put your pics here on flickr ladies ! I am so thrilled to begin looking at them 🙂



P.S: To Ohangelina: I make 1 chain between the trebles everywhere…and round after round I keep making just one … Hope this helped 😉


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Good evening ladies,

This is a small recapitulation about who’s joining until now 🙂 I am sooo thrilled 🙂

1- Jacquie (maybe)

2- Pauline (maybe)

3- Jane (maybe) (no web address or blog)

4- Rene

5- Lizzie (no web address or blog)

6- Ohangelina

7- Sonieta

8- Charlotte (You can use whatever yarn you want…mix different kinds or not…it is up to you and to your stash…I am using myself some acrylic leftovers)

9- Susi Karin Onca

10- Danielle (Non Danielle, il n’y a pas de date limite et chacune travaille a son propre rythme…L’idee du projet c’est de partager, une facon de s’encourager mutuellement 😀 )

11- Celeste

12- Hazel (granny rectangle is OK 🙂 )

13- Monique (maybe)

14- Diane (maybe) (no web address or blog)

15- Claire (maybe) (no web address or blog)

16- Debi Y.

17- La Crochetnauta

18- Gimee

19- Sara

20- Sarah (maybe) (no web address or blog)

21 (counting myself in) until now 🙂 OOOOh it will be great to have 21 different giant granny blankets 🙂

and you, behind your screen, who did not join yet, what are you waiting fooooooooooooor?????

We are still waiting for youuuuuuuuuu 🙂 YALLAAAAAAAA

So, my friend, I’m thinking of creating a group on flickr or ravelry where we can all share our pics (even the one between us who do not have a blog) What do you think? or should we make something else? I’m waiting for your suggestions 🙂

Have to go now… Dinner…and putting girls into bed….

Have a great evening!


P.S: To Susana Gargicevich: I received your e-mail but I could not reply to you or even open ur pics…I have some problems with my inbox (GRRRRRR!) Can you please send back the pics but make them smaller (less than 1M)? I would love to see them 🙂

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Hello hello hello 🙂

I was so happy reading every single word you left on my last post ! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

It really gives me a lot of pleasure reading all your comments! I wish I could thank you in each and every one’s blog 🙂

Until now we have participating in the Giant granny challenge:

Jacquie (maybe), Pauline (maybe), Jane (maybe), Rene, Lizzie, Ohangelina, and Sonieta.

Jacquie, Pauline and Jane you have to make your best to be with us:) We are counting on you!

Rene, Lizzie, Ohangelina and Sonieta: Welcome welcome welcome to the GIANT granny challenge! Waiting for your pics 😉

To all the others who did not join yet I tell them: we are waiting for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! 😀

To Ohangelina: I did not think about any link, I thought about sharing our progress in each one’s blog:( but it will be great to have a place a link or address where we can all put our pics and progress…do you have something in mind?

To Sonieta: I think 100 rounds will be too much! hehe:) If I can make something between 50 and 100 rounds it will be perfect 🙂

To Rakkie: Sorry but I don’t think that Nako yarn have an online shop:( Their website is: http://www.nako.com.tr and I did not find there any online shop…It is in Turkish and maybe I did not understand where to search…

To Esther: Thank you soo much for giving me the address of the Nako shop in Istanbul 🙂 It is PARADISE 🙂

To Pati from London: I wish you a very smooth delivery 🙂 Good luck and don’t stress 🙂

To Lizzie: I made for you a graphic pattern for the classic granny square…Here it is:

Sorry but graphic patterns is all I can make 😦

You have always to add in every new round: “3treble,1chain, 3treble” in each of the 4 corners of every round…

Here is, before I go, a pic of what I did so far (16rounds)


Hope you can join us too in this GIANT challenge 😉 All you have to do is crochet and crochet and crochet a very big colorful granny square…as big as you can 🙂 Very simple and very addictive too 🙂 It will be fun!!

Have a great evening!


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Good morning !

How’s your morning? Are you enjoying like myself the first days of summer with the birds singing outside and the sun shining high? Mmmmh it feels so great when the weather is good…

So today, as promised, I’ll show you some crochet goodies I brought with me from Istanbul and two new projects I started when I got home …

First, there is some colorful crochet hooks I could not resist buying as I can not find any here in Beirut… I paid 1T.L (Turkish Lira) for each hook…that makes 0.38 british pound (or 0.6 USD) 🙂

some cute little buttons…

and of course yarn 🙂 the best yarn I ever touched in my whole life… soooooo soft and with bright colors 🙂

It is called Nako baby …It is a mixture of 50%acrylic and 50%polyamid…I think this polyamid thing is what makes it soooo soft …and a pure pleasure to work with …

As for the price it is really cheap as I bought one (100gr) for 2.5 T.L (Turkish lira) that makes 0.95 British pound (or 1.5 USD) for one ball of 100g! Can you believe it ???

So, as you already guessed, I started something with this new yarn…a blanket 🙂

a stripy colorful baby blanket…one color for each row…all with treble…

but as you can see in the pic above, I am working the trebles in the back of every stitch…(inserting the hook not in all the stitch but in the back side of the stitch only) that makes it looks like this and I love how the lines are appearing…did you notice ?

and this is my second wip…

a granny square??? pffffffffffff

No, no, no, not any granny square 🙂

These are the first 6 rounds of a giant granny square…a real G I A N T one….with like 100 rounds !!!

So, who wants to join me in this great adventure and make your proper giant granny??? It will be a great challenge to make a really big one with all the leftover yarns you have …and it will become a beautiful loved blanket I am sure!!

Ooooh I am so thrilled with this project 🙂 Join me join me join me !!! pleaaaaaaaaaaase!! 😀

Have to go now my friend!

Thank you so much for visiting today!

Have a wonderful week wherever you are!


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