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Yara’s poncho!


I’ve been working on this custom-made poncho during this we and I made the last final row yesterday! It is for a 6 months old princess called Yara 🙂

I know it is not my kind of colors choice but it turned out beautiful and I am very happy with the result 🙂

The colors are so soft and I stitched a 3d crocheted flower on it…

If your interested in making one you can find the very-easy-pattern here 🙂

Hope you like it! I am sure it will be wonderful on little Yara 😉

Have a perfect Wednesday!



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Hello my friend,

I’ve finished today the baby poncho for my niece Clara who’s six months old…and I’ll put here in this post the pattern if someone is interested in crocheting one…It is sooo simple to make and so cute for the children:) It really makes a great gift 🙂I’ve already made 3 ponchos…2 in march and 1 now…

The 2 I made in March were bigger (for my own girls: 3 and 5 years old)… Here they are:

and the last one is for a baby:

For the pattern:

All you have to make is a chain big enough to enter through baby’s head and a multiple of 8: (It is very important that the chain is a multiple of 8!! For the baby I made a chain of 72)

and after that you follow this graphic pattern:

and you continue this way until you crochet the length you desire…

You’ll see it is very easy and quick!

Happy crocheting to you all!


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Hello dear readers,

I am actually making the border of the country flowers blanket and it is looking gorgeous 🙂 I hope I can finish it this week to show it to you 🙂

The blanket is so so so beautiful. But the weather is so hot that I have some difficulties holding it on my knees while crocheting 🙂 that is why it is taking so much time :):)

Today I’ll show you some of my previous projects…Here we go:


This is Joy:

and this is Fiesta:

and this is Bb d’amour: a baby blanket

and Youpi another baby blanket:

and this one is Oriental nights:

Some crocheted stuffed creatures:

A poncho :

Another one:

Some coasters:

Some other coasters:


and for the toilet paper:

and much much more crochet projects, you’ll find in my website.

Have a beautiful sunshiny day!


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