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Hello hello hello!

I’ve been very very busy these past weeks crocheting and crocheting and crocheting…trying out to finish all my wips and I did it! I finished my daughter Christina’s ripple(Summer time), my love @ first sight blanket , and some how my vintage blanket 🙂


All ready to be shared with you my lovelies 🙂 I am sooooo thrilled to show you all these beauties 🙂

So today let’s start with the ripple … Are you READYYYYYYYYY?

Dim: 135x90cm

Yarn: Nako Vizon 100% acrylic

Hook: 4.5mm

Pattern: Here

Christina: Totally dazzled… She’s dancing, singing, laughing, jumping wrapped with it 🙂

Me: Happy Happy Happy 🙂

Sending you hugs and kisses…



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Ripples of happiness 🙂

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Hellooooo hellooooo hellooooooooooooooo! How are you?

Just a last small post before monday 15 ! A last post in my first year of blogging 🙂 to show you some progress I made in Christina’s ripple…Love it so far…

Hope you do too 🙂

Have to go now…

Do not forget: the Giveaway is still running until monday morning ! So hurry up if you did not left a comment yet! There is already 232 comments there … I am soooo thrilled 😀

Thank you soooo much for being here…

Sending you lots of love wherever you are 🙂


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Good morning!

This is as promised the “how to” for “summer time” ripple blanket.

To begin, you have to make a chain : multiple of 11 + 4… I suggest, just to try out the pattern, to make as in the graphic here a chain of 37 ! ((3×11) +4 = 37) and when you try out and you’re ready to start you’ll make a much bigger chain as big as you want your blanket to be…


For Christina’s blanket I started with a chain of 114 (that is (10×11) +4 = 114) which is large enough for a six years girl blanket 🙂

This is a close-up for the valley 😉 (leaving 2 stitches of the previous row and crochet in the 3d one)

and this is a close-up of the mountain 😉 (working 3 treble in the same stitch of the previous row)

It is very very easy to follow…you’ll see when you’ll try…

You have only to begin with the correct number of chain (always a multiple of 11 + 4) and follow the graphic chart…

Happy crocheting 🙂


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It feels always sooo good to start a new project…and it feels even better when you start two 🙂 Two projects started together and hope to finish together …

I’m making two blankets for my little girls (yes, blankets, again, blankets and cushions are my favorite things to crochet and I just can not resist when somebody asks for a blanket 🙂 ) 2 blankets to snuggle under while watching T.V…

For my eldest Christina, it will be a ripple…She chose a wavy blanket and she told me that it will reminds her the beach, the sun and summer time during the cold and grey days of winter ( mature thinking for a 6 years old girl don’t you think? 🙂 )

I took this special pattern from an old french crochet magazine and I just love it … love the small holes that break up the waves …

If you’re interested in having this special pattern I’ll be more than happy to make for you a graphic one…It is very very easy to follow and sooo relaxing to crochet….a dreamy-dream-kind-of-pattern…

“Summer time” will be Christina’s blanket 🙂


For my youngest Sarah (4 years old) she said she wants a blanket full of colors, all kind of colors … “Mummy I want you to use all the colors that you have in your craft room I want them AAALLLLL  in my blanket” 🙂 Well, this is my girl 🙂 She did not choose a design she just wants colors…

so I decided to make for her a patchwork of tiny squares (2 rounds) with all the colors that I have in my stash (more than 30 actually)…

Don’t know yet how I’ll join the squares, I’m not thinking about this right now… just making squares and enjoying… and it is really going fast 🙂

“Kaleidoscope” will be Sarah’s blanket 🙂


I’m crocheting these two blankets simultaneously (is that a word?)…Picking up one color…crocheting 4 small squares for “kaleidoscope”… then crocheting 2 rows for “summer time”…etc etc…and this is really a LOT OF FUN !! Playing with two different projects …

Time to go now…

But before I leave you today I want to thank you for all the sweet messages you are leaving day after day at Le monde de Sucrette  🙂 I really appreciate them all from the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU ! It is really really like a warm and sunshiny good morning every single day for me 🙂

To Wendy: There is no due date for the GIANT Granny Challenge…you can work at your own rhythm without stress and just enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

To Carmen who is our number 84 participant in the GIANT Granny Challenge: A warm WELCOME from all of us 🙂

Have to go now…

Have a wonderful day wherever you are!




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Good evening ladies,
Hope everything is fine !

Let me begin this post by thanking each and every one of you… one by one… every single one… for every sweet comment you left on my Olé Olé blanket post…Your words filled my heart with a big joy and I felt sooo happy reading them 🙂


This is, as promised, the graphic pattern of the border of Olé Olé blanket:

You have to make two rows of dc first and for the third row (in red) all you have to do is to crochet by following the steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 (in light blue)

It is very easy, you’ll see as soon as you’ll try 😉

And for you who asked for the pattern of the blanket, I am so sorry…I took it from this french book , but you can find something quite similar in the blog of the wonderful Lucy here. 😉

That’s all my friend!

Hope I made it clear…

Do not hesitate to ask any question, I’ll be more than happy to answer 🙂

Have a great and warm evening!


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Good morning my lovelies,

It is so good to see you today and begin with you this lovely week…

My ripple blanket is finished 🙂 I enjoyed so much crocheting it that when I made the last row I felt really sad 😦

It is a real pleasure to work on….

and now with no more blablabla …some pics for you to enjoy…

I called it Olé Olé blanket because of all this red and black…

You can feel that it is a Spanish blanket…you can carry to dance some Salsa!! Olllllllllé !

Dim: 120×160 cm a good sized blanket to snuggle under 🙂

Here (above) is a pic to show you the border…Do you love it? It is very simple to make…

I’ll try to post a graphic pattern of the border next time if you’re interested…

Wanna jump in this pic? me too 😉

and in this one toooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………..

Before I go I want to show you my plastic box full of yarn ends….

I am in love with all these little treasures that I keep project after project (and I know that I am not alone 🙂 )

So the good news is that on the beautiful blog of Elizabeth Cat she is gonna show us very soon how to make a heart with those cute little yarn ends 🙂 Thank you Elizabeth!

A very last pic of Olé Olé before I go…Hope you loved it as much as I do ❤

I wish you a lovely week full of lovely moments to fill your heart with …

Big big kisses,



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