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“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. Twyla Tharp”

Hello ladies,

Yesterday I read this beautiful quote and found it so true, dont you think?

So, how’s everything? It’s been ages since I last post…I’ve been busy a lot this previous week and missed you…

I am now making the final touches on my MONSTER…crocheting the border…yaaaaay…it is turning out great!

It is so heavy and really really big and I love putting it all on my knees while crocheting 🙂 This is my biggest project and I am so proud of myself…

I started this blanket on the 4th of october with a little fear that I’ll not be able to finish it…but now, I am so close to see it done that I can not help myself every minute of the day to go take a look and make 2 or 3 stitches of the border…

So, I hope, this week I’ll show it to you 100% done with lots lots lots of pics!

I don’t know yet how i am gonna take it with my camera but I’ll find a way for sure to show it to you from every corner:)

So, before leaving you, I am gonna send you sunshine and warm weather  through my blog… hoping to receive some beautiful white snow from yours…  (we have a 30 Celsius outside today and I really miss the autumn weather)

Have a beautiful monday!

Sunshiny kisses,





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New wip :D:D

Good morning,

How’s everything today?

Yes, I know, I made a promise to myself to finish my MONSTER before beginning any new project…but I received some Japanese books and I could not resist trying one of the lovely patterns….

I can tell you one thing: The Japanese crochet books are FANTASTICALLY WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL (is that a sentence? :)) I knew this before, because some of you bought already, but when you have one in your hands it is a totally new magical crocheting experience…

and you will judge by yourself when I’ll show you some of the pages…

So, I began, a new cushion…

A Mexican cushion… That’s what my husband name it 🙂

…maybe because of the colors…

So, tell me, do you love the pattern? will it become a nice cushion?

I felt in love with this pattern and, the second I saw it, I began to crochet it:D:D

I took this pattern from this lovely book, I bought online from here.

Really really really if you love to make blankets, throws or even small projects I recommend this book…

I’m gonna show you some of the pages…yalla

This is a throw I will make for sure one day 🙂 (in the pic above) isn’t it beautiful?

So, what do you think?

Have a super tuesday!




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Good morning,

Today I want to begin this post by thanking each and everyone of you who are visiting “le monde de Sucrette” and leaving such sweet comments! You are making me very happy 🙂 Thank you!

This is the pattern of the flowers I made in my last post:

You begin with 12 tr and then you follow the diagram..

It is very easy, you’ll see, but very addictive (take care:))

Hope you enjoy crocheting this cute flower! I’ll love to see what you will make with this pattern so post pics if you can;)

Perfect week end  to you all!



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My creative space (9)


This week I’ve been busy making some progress on my hexagon blanket…

I think it will become a lovely throw for the couch…don’t you?

I love the colors…

I think that even the same colors and the same yarns gives a totally different look depending on the pattern you are using …

I’ve been also playing with my cotton yarn…

…creating a new flower pattern easy to make, very simple but totally addictive

…and having a fun time!

Dont ask me what will become this…I dont know yet :):)hehe

but having fun without any planification is really therapeutic from time to time:)

That’s all for today!

Now i’m gonna go back to my MONSTER Granny which I will show you once finished! yes yes yes! I HAVE to finish it before beginning any other thing…

So, my friend, I’ll leave you now and send you lots lots of lovely thoughts through the net 🙂

Kisses to all,


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Beautiful blogger award:)

Good morning to you,
I received two days ago the beautiful blogger award from the wonderful Nancy, and it made me very happy:)

Thank you Nancy!

Now I have to tell 10 things that you do not know about me:

1- My favorite color is red.

2- My internet connection is bad most of the time and this stress me a lot and makes me crazy because it offs every time I write a new post like now for example, Grrrrrr!!!

3- I cry too easily and can not hold my tears, this put me in complicated situations like in the cinema for example when the lights turns on at the end of a film or in front of the tv while watching a disney film with my children asking me : why are you crying mummy? and this annoys me a lot!

4- I love to paint, sew, cross stitch, but my passion is crochet 🙂

5- I met my husband on the internet and I ‘ve been married for 6 years and living a wonderful every day love story

6- Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to eat chocolate or make a row of crochet…

7- I am yarnoholic (I discovered lately this word:)). Sometimes, I ride long kilometers just to reach my favorite yarn shop and buy new yarn…I simply can not resist seeing beautiful yarns and not buying it…

8- When people ask me what is your hobby, I answer : crochet … they look at me in a strange way. Crochet in my country is still for grand mothers and I try every single day to change this stupid matter :D:D

9- I have a sewing machine and every morning I look at her and tell her: next week I am gonna work with you…and leave a little behind mister crochet…and this never happens:)

10- I love to blog and my life changed a lot since I discovered this whole new world 🙂

and now I have to pass it to 10 lovely blogs:

1- Country and cosy

2- Mees & Lieve

3- My tinker space

4- Bunny mummy

5-cards by paula

6-Neros post and patch

7-Aussie Maria

8- Made by Do

9- Scottys place

10- Pontinhosmeus

and I could list a hundred more 🙂

Have a beautiful day!


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This week I’ve been doing this for a special order:

We call them “sous plats” in french but I can not find the right word in English…It is something you put under a hot dish (please tell me what it is in English I am very curious to learn :))

I love them 🙂 Do you?

The back side is made with wicker (is it a right word?, I took it from the translator:S:S)

And, and, and…I bought some new yarn from a local shop….(naughty girl!!)

I just want to show you and you will understand why…

mmmmmmmmmmh, do you see the colors?

I am a crazy yarnoholic (is it a word??) :D:D I can not resist when I see new yarn with such beautiful, wonderful colors…I have sinned again…shame on me:)

It is a 100% acrylic yarn, a little bit thicker than the stylecraft special dk (4.5mm crochet hook) but very soft, machine washable and with such yummy colors I bet no one can resist 🙂

and now the problem is: where will I put all this????? mmmmh, I guess under the bed :):) and from time to time, in the night, I’ll go down and check again and again if they are still there…

Have a beautiful colorful day!


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Good morning sweet friend,

This is, as promised, the pattern of the candy cushion: It is very simple to make, you’ll see…

For my candy cushion I used Stylecraft special DK yarn with a 3.5 mm crochet hook…

First, you have to make a 66 chain loop and close it… and then continue making rounds of dc in order to have a big empty cylinder…

For mine I made: (from left to right):

7 rounds of dc in red color

and then 7 rounds of dc in lavender color

and after 7 rounds of dc in sunshine color

and then, careful here: 2 rounds of dc in green color, than 1 round of treble in green color and 2 rounds of dc in green color

(you have to make a round of tr where you want to pass a chain loop to close your candy) I’ll try to make it clearer with more pics after)

and then 7rounds of dc in plum color, 7 rounds of dc in shrimp color, 7 rounds of dc in turquoise color, 7 rounds of dc in pomegranate color, 7 rounds of dc in yellow color, 7 rounds of dc in magenta color, 7 rounds of dc in aspen color, 7 rounds of dc in red color, 7 rounds of dc in lavender color

and then again: 2 rounds of dc in green color, than 1 round of tr in green color and 2 rounds of dc in green color

and 7 more rounds of dc in plum color, 7 rounds in shrimp color and finally 7 rounds of turquoise color 🙂

You can see, the two small white pearls in the pic above, is where I crocheted a round of tr…

The whole candy is made with rounds of dc….The only two rounds of tr (where are the two white pearls) are for passing the chain loop between the stitches to close the candy…

Once you finished the big cylinder (as big as you want your candy to be), you have to crochet a border like this:

in order to have a perfect candy 😉

and then crochet two 66chain loop with the red color:

and pass the two chain loop between the  stitches of the two treble  rounds:

and then, pull well before doing a double knot on one side:

stuff good your candy and then pull well the second side and close it with a double knot…

Your candy is done:):)

Hope I made it clear with my explanations…

Please feel free to ask anything, I’ll be more than happy to help you:)

Before I go, I want to thank all of you for your nice comments on my blog and I want you to go to Maaike and see the cute poncho she made with my pattern…It is lovely, Maaike!  You did a really good job!!

Sweet day to you all,


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Sweet monday morning…

Good morning sweeties,

Do you remember me doing this ?

Well…it turned into this:

A candy cushion!!!

I loved the whole process of making it 🙂 It is a real pleasure to crochet… and it had a great success with some of the family members 🙂

So, what do you think? Sweet no? 😉

It can be crocheted in various sizes and colors…

and OF COURSE, I’m posting  the pattern in my next post…

So, sweeties, come back tomorrow if you’re interested in making a candy cushion for you or for your loved ones…It is a healthy and 0% fat-calories gift 😉

Sweet Monday morning to you all!


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Good morning to you,

My creative space for this week is two new wip projects , yes, yes, yes, I began two projects and I left for awhile my MONSTER, making two new projects with the leftover yarns of the MONSTER (even if it is not DONE yet, I know that I’ll have a lot of leftovers so I have to make something(s) with them :):)

So, my friend, with no more blablabla, I’ll show you: The first project :

I know, I know, You are asking yourself right now “what is she making this crazy woman??” hehe 🙂

I am making a big-empty-cylinder-crocheted-thing which will become, when done, a very cute “thing”…to surprise you… Sorry, but I’ll not tell now… 😉 It is a SURPRISE! I hope that it will turn beautifully-cute so I’ll share with you the pattern…

The second project, is an hexagonal small throw for my couch :

Thanks to the lovely Michelle who, in my “the 7 blankets of my home” post suggested to me the idea of making an hexagonal blanket … I am making now one, Michelle, but it will not be a BIG one, just a decorative one to give a little “life” to the couch 🙂

I’m using the pattern of the wonderful “Lucy” but without making the chain-loop round ( round4) and I’m crocheting with the leftovers of my unfinished MONSTER :):)

Finally, before I go, I want to thank each and every one of you for the lovely comments you are leaving in my blog…They are “illuminating” my day and making me very very happy:) Thank you all!

Have a beautiful week!



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