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Good morning sweeties,

How was your Christmas?

Mine was pretty good, surrounded by the family…My biggest daughter was sick with a bad cough and high fever but thanks God today she is better and we’ve had a great time on Christmas Eve 🙂

So today, I am gonna show you the last cushion I made this week: Fleurs du Paradis

I’ve had some of these flowers on “the box” (of unfinished projects), so I made some more and I crocheted a cream background made with granny squares…

and finally this was the result:

A cute flowered cushion 🙂

I am happy on how it turned…

Hope you enjoyed Fleurs du Paradis…

See you in 2011 😉

Have a great new year… A year full of health, love and Crochet :):)

Big kisses,



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Dear friends,

Merry Christmas to all of you and to all your loved ones…

May Peace and Love be always in your home…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being always here 🙂

Have a blessed Christmas!


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Two more cushions…

Good evening my friend,

How’s everything?

My Challenge of end 2010 continues and I am still finishing the unfinished projects of the year 🙂

Tonight I am gonna show you two more cushions…I don’t know from where came this craziness thing about cushions…I feel always that I have to make new cushions and my house is full of crocheted cushions but this does not even stop me:)

So, my lovelies, for you, tonight: Tropical flowers:

It is a small cushion (30x30cm) made with 9 granny squares I made two months ago when I was trying new yarns :D:D hehe

Cute ?

and the second cushion : Kinder Surprise 🙂

I called it like this because it is black and white with a colored heart

Size: 45x45cm!

Still have to finish two more cushions before 2011!

Have a perfect and warm evening!


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Simple snowflake

Good morning lovelies,

I run this morning into this adorable and simple snowflake very very easy to make and I made two just by looking at the pics:)

You can find a written pattern on the lovely blog of Sarah here. Thank you Sarah!

Happy  Christmas crocheting to you all!

Have a beautiful sunday!


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Fruity cushion

Started as a blanket…finished as a rectangle cushion 🙂

Love this picture ! (up)

and this one too 🙂

Size: 30x50cm

Have a colorful evening!


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Mexican cushion


Size: 40x40cm

Have a wonderful evening!


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New Challenge before 2011 :)

Good evening my friend,

Every crochet-lover (like me) have at home a box of left-behind-unfinished-wip-projects, Am I right? We always start a project and something happens (like a new yarn arrival, a photo on flickr, a project on someone else blog that inspires us a lot…) and we leave behind what we’re working on to begin something new more exciting …and this happens always to me…:(

This week, I decided to open the “left-behind-unfinished-wip-projects-box and finish every project in it before end 2010!! and what a challenge for me!!

But, as I will not be able to finish wip-blankets I decided to tranform them into cushions…and That will lead me to make 7 different CUSHIONS !! yaaayyyyyyyy!!

I’ll show you today two projects I am finishing right now:

The first one is a rectangle cushion:

I found in “the box” 60 small granny squares. The original idea was to make a baby blanket and that was in march 2010 but as nobody got pregnant around me I left the baby blanket behind…for something else…

So I decided to join the 60 squares (6×10) together and make a big rectangle cushion:

I’ll show it to you when it will be 100% done in another post 🙂

The second project is a cushion I started in june 2010

I started crocheting this cushion with a thin cotton yarn and when my order of ricco creative (which is a thicker cotton yarn) arrived I left behind this cushion to try the new yarn:)

and today I am finishing it and I’ll show it to you “done” very soon I hope!

and I am also finishing my mexican cushion 🙂

So my dears, stay tuned for a lot of 100% done-cushions-posts soon to come 🙂

and you? Do you have a box of left-behind-projects? Will you empty it like me before end2010??

Here the weather is gray,windy, rainy and cold…the perfect weather to stay at home and crochet …

I am gonna make a cup of tea, put on some music, and and and….crochet 🙂

Have a warm evening!


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