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Hello lovelies,

I should now be finishing my fairy tale blanket, but I could not resist beginning two projects…

I promise to you that I’ll have a “tadaa” fairy tale post very soon, very very soon but I have to show you what’s on my creative table right now 😉

A rectangle cushion for my living room…crocheted with the leftover Stylecraft special DK yarns…and it turning out lovely…


a new blanket (yes another blanket, I can not stop crocheting blankets 🙂 ) This one I am making it as a gift for a dear friend of mine who’s in love with grannies 🙂

I’m using fresh colors and making the last round of every square with the off-white (very light beige) color…It is turning out beautiful … and I can feel that it will become a lovely blanket…

I am using this yarn for the “grannies love”…It is a 100% acrylic yarn…very soft with beautiful colors…

I’m in love with this Turkish brand 🙂

Thank you for your visit today, It is always a pleasure having you here at Le monde de Sucrette 😉

Have a beautiful day!


P.S: For more creative spaces, go here 🙂


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Good morning sweeties,

I finished doing the border of another blanket of mine … This blanket was made by my mom as a gift on our wedding in 2004 so it is a very loved blanket, mostly used by my husband because it is our biggest blanket so it can cover him entirely when he’s watching TV 🙂 I’ll show it to you today with its new blue border …

Here it is in the living room surrounded by crochet, crochet everywhere 🙂I tried making the border by crocheting grannies with picots and it turned out very nice…

Here it is in all its glory with its new blue border 🙂

I also enjoy showing you the environment where this loved blanket lives…in the living room…my favorite place in the house 🙂

I just love this big room where all the family members love to snuggle under blankets and enjoy little pleasures life is offering 🙂 It just make me smile looking at the pics…

Wanna see what’s on the shelves?…Let’s have a peek shall we? 😉

and some close ups…

As you maybe already noticed I love small objects and cats in particular…I have a collection of them and you can see cats everywhere in the house 🙂

and I love this photo frame a gift from my sister 🙂 Remembering warms the heart 🙂

Two more pics of the blanket before leaving you my dear…

I enjoyed soooo much sharing with you these pics, hope you enjoyed them too…

Now I am working on two new wip 😉 I’ll leave them as a suprise for you for next time…

Have a beautiful day,


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Hello my friend,

This is for you today how I made the tissue box cover…Hope you understand my charts 😉 (I use Corel draw to make them, it is a graphic design software)

To begin you have to make a small classic granny square crocheted with 2 rounds with the same color…

and then crochet a second square and join it to the first as you go, like on this pic:

and then you continue making squares and joining them as you go as this pic:

50 granny squares in total joined as you go….choosing randomly the colors 😉

That’s it my dear 🙂

You can also decorate your tissue box by crocheting a round of dc and then another round of small shells on the top of your box…


Thank you all for your visit and your sweet messages here! I really really LOVE reading them,

Have a great sunday 🙂


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Good morning ladies,

The small project I was working on is………….Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….

….A tissue box made with small grannies 🙂

Enjoy some pics…

Do you like it? It is very easy as you join on the go small grannies to have the shape of a box 🙂

And here are some pics of my new mantel to end up this post ….Have a great week end!

and THANK YOU for your visit 🙂


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Good morning sweeties,

and welcome to SPRING, my favorite season 🙂

Here is my very very first crocheted blanket made in 2007 but made without a border… (You can read more about it in this previous post)

and here it is with all its glory with a new shining 2011 yellow border 🙂

Yes, I decided, after 4 years to make a proper border for all my home blankets and they are three…Here is the first one done…will make the 2 others later 😉

It is a very simple border but it makes all the difference…don’t you think?

I am so in love with these two “candle holders”  (I am sure it is not the right word to describe them 😀 but I am sure you understand what I am talking about 😉 )

mmmh beautiful 🙂

One last pic of my stripes blanket…

And now I am working on a new small project…for the living room…

I’ll not tell you what it is…I’ll let you guess…

and I’ll show it to you “done” next time… 😉

And now, my lovelies, I’ll leave you with this cute quote on one of my boxes (I love boxes 🙂 all kind of…)

and wish you a perfectly beautiful Tuesday!



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Liebster blog award

Hello my friend,

Two days ago, I received the Liebster blog award from the lovely Ramona who’s got a beautiful blog you can visit here 🙂

Thank you so much Ramona!

and now I have to pass it to five blogs I love to visit …

Well, there is like a thousand of blogs I love to visit every day and this is a very difficult choice for me…


The 5 blogs are:

1- Meme Rose

2- Pink friday

3- Clevercheshirecats

4- Withribbonsundone

5- Pink Fluffy Warrior

These 5 blogs are colorful and lovely…You have to check them out 🙂

And as a recipient, you must observe the following rules:

1. Thank the giver on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3. Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
4. Reveal your 5 blog picks.
5. Let them know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog.

Thank you all for your visit today!

Enjoy your week end,


P.S: For Anat who asked me about the yarns I recommend to make the poncho, dear Anat, I crocheted the poncho with a 100% acrylic yarn because you have a very good choice of colors and because acrylic is soft and machine washable which is convenient for children!

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Good morning my lovelies,

How’s everything?

Yesterday, was a big day for me, as I used my sewing machine again after a really long time period and I made something on my own without any help 🙂 I am so proud of myself and could not resist showing to you 🙂

Here it is: Beba the bear…

I sew Beba using small pieces of leftover fabric …and I enjoyed a lot making her…

Even if she’s not perfect, I am very happy with the result 🙂 and I keep looking at her sitting here in my new craft room and I keep smiling to myself 🙂 (crazy woman)

Now, I can sew and paint as I have my very own craft room …yes…a small craft room for me and only me 🙂 I painted it in soft apple green with one wall in red ….

Wanna see some pics? I’ll show you some pics and leave other for another post as I still need to add some shelf and some other details 😉 before the “studio” is really finished 🙂

First I have a white cabinet…wanna see what’s inside? Let’s open it right now…Tadaaaaaaaaaa

I folded the pieces of fabric and I arranged them nicely… hoping that they will stay like this for a while 🙂

mmmh love when I open this cabinet … and this one too…full of colorful yarns 🙂 miammmm

and here we have a corner for painting stuff…in a small wood closet

I am so excited to paint again …

Hey! Beba! What are you doing up there? enjoying the new craft room eh?

That’s all lovely people 😀

Hope you enjoyed…

Thank you for your visit and have a wonderful day wherever you are,


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