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Thank you Nancy!

Hey Ladies,

There is a new place where you can link your wip projects, just click here.

Thank you so much Nancy!

A perfect week end to you all 🙂



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Granny MONSTER: Part5


Nice to see you today!

Here is my latest progress on my granny MONSTER…

I’ve done 4 rows ( 7 squares each row) so far!! 28 squares in total…

…still have 3 rows to do!! Youpi! I’ve done more than the half 🙂 (I am very happy)

Here it is on our bed…


Here are the 7 last squares I’ve done this week:

and now I’m working on the 5th row…My mother said that 6 rows is perfect for the bed…I think 7 is better 😉

We’ll see…

Today, it is raining here and autumn has just begun (first day of rain)…I really missed the smell of the ground when it rains…mmmh it is so nice 🙂

Hope you’ll have  a warm week end…



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The 7 blankets of my home :)

Good morning,

Today, I’m gonna show you the blankets of my house…all the blankets have memories and every one holds a certain place in my heart and I love them all…


This blanket was made by my mother as a gift for my wedding in 2004… I wasn’t crocheting then, I was doing cross stitch frames for my new home and I thought to my self: “wow this will take me more than 2 years to make! And I fall literally in love with this blanket which in my eyes is the most beautiful blanket in the world because made with love by my mother who was, and still is, the queen of crochet 🙂

Gorgeous, don’t you think?


I learned the basic of crochet the summer of my 14th birthday but I did not practice enough, just the basic stitches and then, end 2006, I rediscovered this passion called “crochet” and since that time I am still addicted and hooked 🙂

This is my first big project made in 2007: a blanket: stripes made with treble…

I love this blanket which I made before discovering this fabulous world of blogs and inspirations on the net…and every time I look at this blanket it reminds me the beautiful evenings when I used to sit calmly and do, treble after treble, this blanket who is very special to my eyes and took me long months to finally finish…

I think that, with this blanket, I discovered the passion for colors combination 🙂


I crocheted this blanket with my grand mother who is also another queen of crochet, and this is also a very special blanket because the squares were made by her, and me, together, and in 2007 she was crocheting a lot faster than me and this is not the case anymore and this makes me feel very sad… 😦

Since I was a baby I don’t remember seeing her without her crochet and her yarns and now that she is 80 years old she is still crocheting but very slowly, at her rhythm, with her eyeglasses on and her beautiful painted in red nails dancing with the hook…Grandma I love you soooooooooo much…

and I love OUR blanket 🙂


This blanket was made for my youngest daughter Sarah, 2 years ago, and now that she turned 3, everytime that she is not feeling good she asks for this blanket … and I know, then,  that something is going wrong with her 🙂 so this blanket is like a medicine for her and that makes my heart beats like crazy… Love you Sarah …


I presented to you already blankets#5, 6 and 7 in my blog here, in previous posts, but let me just show you one pic of each one of them:

My Country flowers blanket:

My zigzagy blanket (granny stripes):

and finally my 3D flower blanket made for my biggest daughter Christina, who I adore 🙂

and now I am still making Blanket#8: the Monster :D:D

Ufff that was my longest post I think !

Hope you liked all the blankets of my home…

and I’ll be more than happy to see all the blankets of your home too…

Have a beautiful day wherever you are 🙂



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Good morning dear you behind your screen,

Look what I’ve just bought from a very cute shop this we:


It is a “tableau en 3D” in french and I can not find the right word in English : 3D wall-frame maybe?

and I fall literally in love with it! Love at first sight :D:D OOOOh my god, I have to have it!! and NOW! even if it was too expensive for my budget…but I could not resist …

It is dangerous, this kind of attraction to objects… 🙂 but isn’t it beautiful? This yellow wooden window (it reminded me my childhood, I don’t know why…) with its “Fer Forgé” balconyjust gorgeous…

and these cute potholders with flowers….sooo lovely…

and all these cute details that makes it looks real (there is even a curtain with a fireplace inside)…mmmmh

I adore it! and I so want to hang it on the entrance wall but it is heavy, soo heavy because of the real stones used for the wall :S…and I need a man for that kind of job 😉 I’ll try to convince mine to do it tonight…;)

and finally my lovelies, few crochet pics to show you my MONSTER wip ….

I am now making the 7 squares of the 4th row…

which I’m gonna show you this week …I promise 😉

and now I have to leave you and wish you a wonderful week full of joy, peace and LOVE!



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How’s everything today?

Two days ago, I felt in love with a white lampshade, a very simple one but so charming with it’s round shaped bottom…I had to have it 🙂

I transformed it my way in my head before even I bought it … and on my way back home I was smiling and singing 🙂 (crazy woman, I know!)

So, I have to show it to you:


I adore the ball-shape-ceramic bottom:

and AFTER:

I took the pattern of these cute flowers from this lovely book that is a must-have ! I recommend it!

You can order a copy from here.

This is a close-up of the pattern 😉

I made it without round 5 which is a dc round 🙂 I am a lazy person…

Hope you liked my transformed new lampshade!

I am still working on my MONSTER but from time to time I love taking a break…

I am also making some paintings and it is really distressful ! I am enjoying it a lot, I’ll show you maybe something next time…

Have a happy happy happy week end!



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Granny MONSTER: Part4

Good morning my friend,

How are you today?

The we was great, I’ve been very busy the past week here at home…did not find soo much time for blogging but managed good time for crocheting 🙂

So, today I’m gonna show you the progress made with the MONSTER:) I am feeling soo happy crocheting this blanket and I am loving it day after day more and more 🙂

I’ve made 3 rows until now: which is 21 squares done soo far…These are the last 7 squares:

I am feeling so sorry that I did not make it clear when I said who wants to join me in this big adventure…

Some of you crocheted a square and wanted to send it to me…This was sooo kind from you, thank you soo much…but It was not about that (although I loved this idea of making something from different squares coming from around the world:) maybe next time;))

All I meant was: Who wants to join me and make your own MONSTER like mine so we can encourage ourselves and crochet together something as big as this kind of blanket…

Anyhow sorry again…

So, what do you think?

Isn’t it beautiful or is it just me who see it with the eyes of love? 🙂

I think I am a granny lover 🙂

Have a perfect week my friend!

Wherever you are around this globe, I wish you a beautiful monday 🙂



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My creative space (6)

This is my niece Clara 🙂 Isn’t she cute?

Yesterday, I finished her winter cap 🙂

and today, I am going back to my MONSTER…

For more creative spaces, go there:)

Have a perfect day!


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Hello my friend,

I’ve finished today the baby poncho for my niece Clara who’s six months old…and I’ll put here in this post the pattern if someone is interested in crocheting one…It is sooo simple to make and so cute for the children:) It really makes a great gift 🙂I’ve already made 3 ponchos…2 in march and 1 now…

The 2 I made in March were bigger (for my own girls: 3 and 5 years old)… Here they are:

and the last one is for a baby:

For the pattern:

All you have to make is a chain big enough to enter through baby’s head and a multiple of 8: (It is very important that the chain is a multiple of 8!! For the baby I made a chain of 72)

and after that you follow this graphic pattern:

and you continue this way until you crochet the length you desire…

You’ll see it is very easy and quick!

Happy crocheting to you all!


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Winter caps !

Hello everybody,

Hope you’ve had a great we 🙂

On mine, I took a small break from my Granny MONSTER and made two winter caps for my girls: Sarah (3years old) and Christina (5years old) 🙂

This is Sarah:

and Christina:

and now I’m making a small cap and a baby poncho for my 5 months old niece Clara 🙂 before going back to my MONSTER :D:D

Have a wonderful week!




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Thank you AnneMarie!

If  you like to post your project, you can link your stuff here every saturday!

Go, take a look, it’s full of lovely blogs and inspiration!

Thank you again AnneMarie!

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