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4 days already. 4 days that my Instagram account got hacked. 5000 pictures stolen in minutes. Moments, beautiful moments of life turned “private” and soon may be deleted. My heart is crying. I can’t find sleep. I am angry because I feel the injustice. Why? Why evil exists… And still no answer from Instagram…

Confetti love

But life must go on…. When you can’t change things, you try to continue with what you have. I have my family, my online friends (even though I lost them for now and I must search for them one by one and contact them. It is not easy to contact 105000 persons, 105000 friends that were a part of my life so far and that I lost in minutes), my crochet, my sewing machine, my colors, my home. And I feel blessed. And thankful. Despite everything.

Little friends

I am working now on finishing my Confetti blanket. I was going to launch it as a CREATE box this week along with a free video of the pattern. The video is ready. I will wait a little before launching it. I still have a couple of rows to do and the edging. And the blanket will be ready. It is beautiful. And I love every stitch of it.

my Charly

I did also some watercolor this weekend. Strange how watercoloring calms me. I was so nervous and stressed I couldn’t hold my hook or sew. But I could do some painting and it calmed me down. I love painting flowers. Colorful flowers.

wild flowers

And I have 9 new project bags almost ready. They are beautiful. All of them. I can’t wait to show them to you!

That’s all for today! Enjoy your week!



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Hello lovely friends, I miss you and I miss writing here to you and sharing with you my everyday. So many years have passed since my last post. So many changes in my life. But. I am back.

Yesterday my Instagram has been hacked and I felt sooo sad and sooo angry I couldn’t breathe properly. So I needed a space where to share this sad news and I came back here and decided to write posts again because I really missed writing to you. The hacker wants me to pay him money so he gives me my Instagram again and I feel so frustrated. He changed my picture and my name (he replaced lemondedesucrette with cheislegendary2. Oh how I hate you cheislegendary2. You are my nightmare!!!!) And he deleted my bio. And I felt violated. Like he saw me naked. Like he violated my intimacy. He took my followers, my friends, my everyday companions and I hate him. He stole a part of my mornings routine. He stole a part of my life. I reported him to Instagram but no news from Instagram yet. I am still waiting. I don’t know if I should pay him or no. Should I?

Well, I don’t know what will happen next. Would I be able to have back my Instagram account? Will I loose it and start over again from ZERO? Will he delete my account and my more than 5000 pics? I feel so sad and lost. But the good news is that I am happily back to blogging again and that I miss you soooo much here.



P.S: The 2 cute bunnies in the pic above are my Jojo . My latest amigurumi pattern that you can find in my shop lemondedesucrette.com

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