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Sew much love

Hello ❤ I will be listing today 4 new project bags in the shop. I am trying to add each week some bags that I am sewing with love during the week. Learning this new skill has changed my life. I am totally addicted and it makes me sooo happy sitting behing my machine and creating with colorful pieces of fabric. I bought my Juki one year ago. It’s been exactly one year!! and since that day I used it almost every day. I made a lot of quilts. Most of them live happily in loving homes around this globe and that makes me really proud. And lately I discovered the joy of making bags. And the bags are also flying around this planet to new homes and that makes ny heart happy ❤ and thankful ❤ I made myself a promise to learn each week a new pattern and try it. It’s been a blessing. Thank you so much for reading me here. I will try to be more present in this little corner of mine. Much love. Angie

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